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Moon Moth Games is a burgeoning indie studio based out of Canada. We’re an easygoing group of developers aiming to make engaging, narrative-focused titles — the kinds of games we want to play ourselves. Authentic characters, striking visuals, and a dash of interactivity are our key ingredients for making truly memorable stories.

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Moon Moth Games’ first project is a thrilling visual novel peppered with bite-sized riddles. Five strangers find themselves trapped in an abandoned hotel that’s set to collapse in 24 hours. To escape alive, they'll have to solve their captor’s riddles and unravel the mystery behind their abduction.

For more details on Exit/Corners, and to play for free, check out the website here!

Spectral Noise

A group of recent high school graduates get more than they bargained for when they enlist the services of Zarah, a wandering spirit medium known as The Planespeaker. What begins as an inquiry into the death of their friend soon spirals into a massive conspiracy that threatens to engulf the sleepy port town of Beacon's Bluff.

Play our early demo here!

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